BCS Lovelace Colloquium 2012

I went to the Lovelace Colloquium this year and it was an amazing experience as the atmosphere was so different to anywhere I have ever been. As I’m a naturally shy person when it came to presenting my poster I felt confident, and at ease as there wasn’t many males around to make me feel worried about it.

It was an empowering experience as I got to talk to women in IT from various companies such as Google, ThoughtWorks, Bloomberg. It made me more confident as they had got into the IT industry and are taking on women who are in their undergraduate years of university studying computer related degrees.

A big surprise to me came when they was presenting the awards out and my name came up for the People’s choice award and I won £100. My poster was about the Extradition Treaty 2003 and cases on Richard O’Dwyer, Chris Tappin and Gary McKinnon. When I was presenting it people seemed interested in the poster topic, but as I didn’t get to see half of the posters winning one of the prizes was a shock to me.

Attending the event has made me more confident in myself and has made me think about int he future maybe educating young girls into the benefits and rewards of working in the IT industry. It has also made me want to help make young girls believe that they can make it into a male dominated industry, so I will look into the idea of mentoring when any opportunities come up. I will definitely be attending next years (if my abstract is chosen), as it is an amazing experience and I definitely recommend it to any female doing a computer related degree at university.


First blog post

Hi, this is my first blog post so this is just basic things about me really. I wanted to create a blog to write about what I am thinking about really, and it would be an advantage when I graduate (hopefully) in 3 and a bit years time. I will update it when I have time in between uni work.

Speak soon