Is Apple testing the loyalty of it’s users?

Although I’m not the biggest fan of Apple products as I find them expensive and not worth the money that they ask for, I wouldn’t buy one myself but wouldn’t turn one down if I was brought one. The news that came out a few days made me question how loyal the buyers of Apple products, will be when the iPhone 5 is released.

I ask this because reports have shown that the current 30 pin connector in the iPhones up to now will use a 19 pin one. Which will mean that Apple users who buy this will have to get a new charger, new dock and all the other countless accessories will have to be brought. Will Apple users who are dedicated to buying new products when they are released be willing to everything new? I think most of them will to keep up with appearances with their friends and family to have the best and newest technology at that time.


Steve Jobs said that this wouldn’t happen as Apple like most companies around the world rely on customer loyalty, with this slight change it design it might show who is really loyal to Apple. I can see why they have changed the pin size to allow for a more technological and better way of charging up phones via a magnet cable or a switch to allow charging via magnets. The gamble which Tim Cook has taken will show how many loyal customers will buy the new iPhone 5, and the new accessories and adapters to allow it to still be used will be seen in a few months.


Lack of security of the Internet

Since the news of Google Street View has been stealing data when it was taking pictures of all the buildings and gardens of the streets in the world. It has come out that when they released the images in 2007 there wasn’t any information released about what other reason they was doing it for. 

In may of 2012 it was released in the news that as they was taking pictures of the streets around the world they, was also capturing information from people’s computers and laptops. Google has a responsibility to be transparent about what it is doing, behind all of it’s ventures in innovating the internet to be more interactive. It’s reputation could be scarred temporarily as human nature will most likely remember it happened for a few weeks but, will be forgotten and still use Street View for finding where and what places look like. 

Although Google has a responsibility for telling their users of Street View what they are doing it is also the responsibility to make sure that their internet is secure. Most people don’t properly secure their Internet connection which would have protected their data from being stolen. The majority of people don’t change the default password to their Internet connections which, makes it easier for anyone who knows what their doing to access personal data. 

So whether it’s the big Internet companies not saying exactly what they are doing beyond the main aim, users of the service need to ensure that their connections are secure at all times to make sure that their personal data is protected.