MySpace: Can relaunching social networking sites work?

MySpace has announced that they are planning to relaunch their website in a bid to try to, capture the energy that it had when it was released onto the Internet in January 2004. As with every other social networking site that has been released a very few have survived the new websites which have been developed as new social norms are used within society.


As with most websites it gets views once the word goes out its views increase the statics when it was new was 1 million users after a month, then in November of 2004 it got 5 million users. Then in 2008 MySpace had 110 million active users a month compared to Facebook active users of 60 million active users, which is about the time that Facebook started to become more popular. Despite these  statics users over the next 3 years dropped as they followed their friends to other social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

Personally I think that as with fashion changes over time so does the trends in technology and that is what happened to out-of-date social networking sites like Bebo. As with the majority of social networking users I have joined them just because my friends was on them or just grew out of them as I got older. When I used my MySpace account (not sure if it is still active or not) I didn’t use it as much I used my Bebo account, as I saw it in the view that it was mainly for bands to use to get people to get into the music industry. I also found it really confusing to use and change to make it your own, which to me is where it didn’t keep it’s users interested in it which is where Facebook had a bigger advantage.

Eventually other social networking sites will disappear as new ones come out which are bigger and better than what already exists and trends change according to society. Trying to keep any service fresh and exciting is hard task but especially in technology related services, but if it is done correctly it doesn’t necessarily mean that it will attract the users and views they want to stay number 1. MySpace will be one of the first social networking sites to try to relaunch itself whether it works will rely on using Facebook and Twitter which may not work how they want it to as it may backfire on them. I have watched a video about what is new with MySpace and it is basically a mash-up of Facebook and Twitter which may bring up a few issues with copyright with the companies themselves. I do like the look of the new layout as it shows differences in the competition, but if the change of layout isn’t what the existing users like then there users who have stayed may stray to a different site or leave it entirely.