Music scene in Sheffield

made in sheffield logo, of someone throwing a guitar off a balconyOne of the things that I love about Sheffield is the music scene as it’s so vibrant and how over the many decades it has produced bands who have influenced loads of bands in the music industry at the moment. It has been the starting location for now famous bands like Pulp, Def Leppard, The Human League, Joe Cocker to modern bands such as Arctic Monkeys, Reverend and the Makers and 65daysofstatic.

These bands have been influential to new bands which are starting out in the steel city who start out in the smaller venues which give a closer connection between the band and the crowd, such as West Street Live, O2 Academy 2, Dove and Rainbow, Nelson Rock Bar and The Frog and Parrot. Once they get a bigger fan base the larger venues are open to them such as the Motorpoint Arena, Plug, O2 Academy, City Hall, Corporation and obviously Leadmill.

In my first year of uni I didn’t really get to see as many bands as I wanted to but this year I have seen 2 bands, one of them is one of my friends bands, Utopia Lost who are an unsigned metal band who recently played at the O2 Academy 2. They have previously played at Corporation last year and have got an EP out called “And So It Begins, and have got some more gigs coming up. For some reason that aren’t that many big name bands which play in Sheffield but when they do they sell out really quickly, despite their being a vast music scene in Sheffield. I was lucky enough to get a chance to see The Killers play at the Motorpoint Arena which was amazing and by far the best gig I have ever been too, the atmosphere was incredible and they are such a good live band.

Sheffield is definitely a music city which thrives on it with local and famous bands and it makes it feel vibrant, with the ride range of festivals such as Tramlines and Made in Sheffield which showcase local talent and bring more people into the city.


Why aren’t girls willing to go into IT?

I have been interested in technology for 7/8 years now and the gender balance has always been uneven. There are many reasons why such as the sheer amount of males on courses which can be a bit daunting. When I was looking at my university course I was excited and happy to find a female on my course, it was different at college where I was the only girl on my course. It doesn’t come as a shock to know that there aren’t many females in IT but, when there are females with you it allows a break in the geeky conversations which is very helpful.

Another reason why there aren’t many females in the technology industry is the image that working with technology brings, that the typical stereotype of a girl who works in technology. This stereotype is of a girl who wears bland colourless clothes, glasses, a girl who is boring and more, but this is far from the truth as society has modernised the stereotype has almost disappeared.

Stereotypical nerd

As IT is a technical and mathematical subject this can put off females from studying it further than they can, I have found it to be stumbling block in my first year of uni as maths isn’t my strong point. In reality it only uses basic maths such as adding and the theories which, are used in IT I found to be quite easy to grasp once they was explained outside of maths lectures. Once it was taught outside of the lectures and seminars and when it was used in practice it made more sense in how it worked. So once it is taught practically and not theoretically it makes more sense which could make technology more appealing to girls.

When I was researching for this topic I stumbled upon a news article which made me proud, it was about how Sheffield Hallam University had won the national award for promoting the role of women in science and technology. The university ensures that there is an equal number of females and males in an interview panel, which is helping to raise the profiles of women inside and outside of the university environment.

Overall I think that as the more use of new technologies such as the Raspberry Pi will hopefully help to bring more girls interested in computers, as long as it is taught effectively compared to the way that IT is being taught now. The teaching of IT needs to be changed in secondary schools to create more interaction with code and hardware to make girls more interested in it. From a personal experience I find that thinking with technology girls prefer the creative and logical thinking aspect of how a program will work and what won’t work. The way that it is taught in secondary schools isn’t done as effectively as it could be as it doesn’t cater for this way of thinking of technology.

Buzz in the heart of the city

Been a bit busy with uni work so haven’t had much time to write here recently, when I’m not busy with uni stuff I love just wandering around Sheffield. The snooker at the moment is really exciting despite me not really being interested in it at all, it’s the fact that the eyes of the snooker is here and it’s exciting.

When wandering around Sheffield I went to the Winter Gardens and saw the pool table and some of the commentators, and it has brought a buzzing atmosphere to Sheffield. It’s also exciting to know that it is happening 5 minutes from where I live which is something which I won’t ever experience when I am at home.

When it finishes Sheffield will still be buzzing as I love living here as compared to my home county of Lincolnshire, there’s so much going on here.There is always a performer near enough around a corner every day of the week which to me is often a highlight to my day whether it is good or bad. As much as I like Lincoln, I love Sheffield more as it’s such a vibrant city which I will miss when I move back home for the summer.