UK/USA Extradition

Haven’t had much chance to update my blog recently due to uni work overload, but now have sometime in which I can update before my final exam.

Since I completed my poster for the Lovelace Colloquium 2012 on Extradition and how it affects the Internet, a lot has changed with what I put on it. Firstly Chris Tappin has been released on bail of £31,026 and is now awaiting trial which his lawyers say will start in early autumn. His lawyer Kent Schaffer said “He was disappointed that the British justice system wasn’t more supportive of him and did not give him due process, but on the other hand, he’s very grateful to the judge who set the bond. Because he knows that if things hadn’t gone the way they did, you know he would have been in jail for the next five or six months”.

Although it is some way to sort out the one-sided Extradition treaty between the USA and the UK, there is still a long way to go. As with Richard O’Dwyer his trial date is on the 30th/31st July 2012 when hopefully some justice will be done to solve the problem of the treaty being biased towards their own citizens. At the same time when Richard’s website was taken down there was several other domains taken down, as well whose “crimes” being the same haven’t been sent to trials.

When David Cameron went to America back in July 2010 but it has been over 20 months where nothing has been done about it where along with Chris Tappin, the Gary McKinnon case was mentioned along side it. The only news that has been recently said about it was back on the 28th March 2012 that he wasn’t a suicide risk and can be sent to be extradited.

All of this shows that the only way to get it mentioned in government is through signing petitions to get more pressure on the government to do something about it, and make sure that the Internet is made more secure for everyone. Please sign the petitions and send emails to the UK government as this is the only way to get the unfair Extradition Treaty 2003 changed. It is also essential in helping to prevent more UK citizens sent to America for crimes which aren’t a crime in this country.

Richard O’Dwyer:

Gary McKinnon:

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Buzz in the heart of the city

Been a bit busy with uni work so haven’t had much time to write here recently, when I’m not busy with uni stuff I love just wandering around Sheffield. The snooker at the moment is really exciting despite me not really being interested in it at all, it’s the fact that the eyes of the snooker is here and it’s exciting.

When wandering around Sheffield I went to the Winter Gardens and saw the pool table and some of the commentators, and it has brought a buzzing atmosphere to Sheffield. It’s also exciting to know that it is happening 5 minutes from where I live which is something which I won’t ever experience when I am at home.

When it finishes Sheffield will still be buzzing as I love living here as compared to my home county of Lincolnshire, there’s so much going on here.There is always a performer near enough around a corner every day of the week which to me is often a highlight to my day whether it is good or bad. As much as I like Lincoln, I love Sheffield more as it’s such a vibrant city which I will miss when I move back home for the summer.